There is no denying that Hawaii is one of the most magical and impressive locations to visit in the world. When going on vacation here, or anywhere else for that matter, it is always good to learn about the place you are visiting. With that being said, below, we are going to take a look at some funny facts about Hawaii. This is a good chance for you to learn something you may not already know about this amazing and luxurious part of the world, which is filled with quirky traditions. We hope that you are able to learn something you did not know before!

    • Expect lots of hugs! Hawaii is an incredibly friendly place. We do not greet with a handshake. Expect a big hug. We hug when we say hello and goodbye, and for any other reason too. So, if a local goes in for a hug rather than a handshake, don’t be shocked!
    • Hawaii is the only state in the United States that has two official languages; Hawaiian and English. There are some locals that like to think Pidgin is an official language, yet that’s not the case. This is despite the fact that you will see Pidgin carried over into the signage. You may see a lot of signs without the letter ‘d’ featured and this is because, in Hawaii, a missing ‘d’ is simply understood. So, expect Smoke Fish, instead of Smoked Fish, for example.
    • One of the best things about Hawaii is that the country plays to its own tune. This is represented no better than by the fact that they wear white after Labor Day. A lot of you may remember the old fashioned rule that your mother probably taught you about not wearing white after Labor Day? Well, in Hawaii, anything goes, no matter the date, day, or season!
    • Hawaii is home to the biggest dormant volcano in the world. This is Mount Haleakala, which is found in Maui. The summit crater’s interior stretches approximately 7.5 by 2.5 miles, yet the majority of the mountain is beneath the ocean. Its highest peak is at 10,023 feet. If you were to measure the volcano from the sea floor, it would rise to a height of nearly 30,000 feet. This is not an extinct volcano; it is dormant. The last eruption of Haleakala is predicted to have happened during the late 1700s.
  • You can mail a dried coconut from Hawaii. So, if you are looking to send something unique, forget about the postcard and mail a coconut instead. This will cost approximately $12-$20, depending on the weight of the coconut. However, it is definitely unique. You do not need to box or wrap the coconut either; you simply send it as it is.
  • Did you know that Hawaii is responsible for inventing surfing? Arguably the most popular watersportin the world was first enjoyed here; how amazing is that? There is also a lot of evidence that suggests that stand up paddle boarding (SUP), which is a more modern type of watersport, started in Hawaii a number of decades ago.
  • Sharing the bounty of nature is tradition in this part of the world. If someone has a tree in their backyard that produces too much fruit for them to consume, they will give the fruit away to others that will enjoy it, drop some off at their neighbors, or take a box to work. In Hawaii, it is important that there is not any waste. You will usually see big clusters of ripening bananas in public places, for example, in stores and in hotel lobbies too. You should feel free to take a piece of fruit to enjoy if you see that it has obviously been placed there for that purpose. However, only take enough for yourself, don’t grab a bag full of fruit!
  • There are a number of creatures that you won’t see while in Hawaii. A lot of people are pleased to hear that there are no snakes, well kind of! There is one tiny snake, which is harmless and looks more like an earthworm, so this doesn’t really get counted. There are also no gerbils, hamsters, or squirrels in Hawaii. In fact, owning any of these creatures is illegal.
    • In the center of Lahaina, there is a banyan tree that is one of the biggest across the globe. When it was planted in 1873, this tree was eight-feet tall. Today, it is a truly incredible vision. There are dozens of huge trunks spread over nearly an acre of land. A lot of craft fairs and festivals take place beneath this incredible tree.
    • There is no smog in Hawaii, meaning the island skies are very much unpolluted overall. However, the island does have vog, which is volcanic haze. This comes from the Kilauea volcano, which is an active volcano that has been erupting since 1983. This volcano is situated on the Big Island and it is not uncommon for the vog to blow over to the other islands in Hawaii. It can be uncomfortable for individuals with respiratory issues or asthma, although it is not deemed dangerous. On Maui, you can expect stunning moon rises and sunsets thanks to the voggy skies. This is because the vog magnifies the moon and the sun, which makes them look very orange and very big.
      • Maui has been deemed the Valley Isle. This is because it has an unusual and unique formation. This is due to Central Maui being placed in a huge valley, which has the Maui mountain range on the west and Mount Haleakalaon the east.
      • Hawaii makes language easy with their flexible greetings. You can say Aloha for both goodbye and hello, so you can’t really go wrong!
      • In the past, a monarchy ruled the Hawaiian islands, with princesses, princes, queens, and kings – very much like in the United Kingdom. From 1824 to 1845, Lahaina, which is in West Maui, was considered the capital of the Kingdom of Hawaii. Therefore, if you are looking for a place that has a lot of history, this is definitely somewhere to consider visiting. You will be fascinated by the tales of the past when you come to this part of Hawaii.
      • Ali’i (royalty) from the years that have gone is still honored in Hawaii. On March 26, there is Prince Kuhio Day, which is a day for honoring Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole. On June 11, there is Kamehameha Day, which is a day for honoring King Kamehameha the Great. You can expect parades and festivals on both days, which are state holidays in Hawaii.
          • If you enter someone’s home in Hawaii, make sure you take your shoes off before doing so. It does not matter what the occasion is nor does it matter how expensive, fancy or clean your shoes are; you must take them off. It is tradition that shoes are removed at the door. So, it is a good idea to make sure you wear matching socks or socks without holes if you are going to someone’s house for a dinner party.
          • There is a different official flower and color for each island in Hawaii.  The Hawaii state flower is the yellow hibiscus. In Maui, the official flower is the Lokelani (aka Damask Rose), and the color is pink.
          • The state fish in Hawaii is the reef triggerfish, which is known locally as the Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa. The name means “trigger fish with a snout like a pig.” Despite having such a long name, this is a very small fish. In fact, it is only around 10 inches long. Despite this, its name is one of the longest words in Hawaiian language.
          • There are no rabies in Hawaii. Very strict quarantine laws have ensured that this is the case. This means that bringing your pet cat or dog to Hawaii for a holiday is not very easy. It is going to demand months of preparation and getting the right certifications or even months of quarantine once your pet arrives, and so the best thing to do is find someone to look after your pets instead.
          • Hawaii and Utah are the only two states in the United States whereby it is illegal to engage in all forms of gambling. Because of this, Hawaii residents are big fans of Las Vegas and they are completely obsessed with gambling. After all, if you’re not allowed to do something, it only makes you want to do it more, right?

          Hopefully, you feel like you have learned something new about Hawaii. There is no denying that this is a fun and exciting place that has so much to offer. When visiting, see if you can learn some other fun and interesting facts about the islands here. After all, Hawaii is a place that has so much to see, do, and explore, as well as a truly fascinating culture, so embrace it.